Kate's Restorations & Organizing Services

                     "Restore Your Space and Increase Your Serenity."

"As a home organizer, I often hear from clients that they feel overwhelmed with their organizing tasks and don't know where to begin. A few key organizing concepts have been incredibly helpful to my clients to start the process of organizing. In using these practical ideas, they report being inspired to start organizing and in doing so have homes that are more functional, uplifting and nurturing. It's a pleasure to get to share these organizing tips with others and to help inspire them to begin their own organizing process."  Best, Kate
Organizing Talks

"Baby Steppin' Toward Tidying Up FUN!"

In this 90 minute interactive and fun talk, Kate shares some simple and fun organizing ideas to help inspire attendees to start identifying the changes they could make to create a more nurturing and functional home environment. She emphasizes the fact that organizing doesn't have to be a drudge and that there are ways to make the process a fun and enjoyable one. Kate helps the attendees identify a vision for their homes, address the obstacles that surface from realizing their vision and how to combat those obstacles with some fun obstacle busting ideas. In addition, they get to explore some first baby steps that they could implement as a way to realize or refine the vision of their own homes. Past attendees report that the talk made them feel that "organizing could be fun AND do-able".

Here are just some of the places Kate has given her organizing talk:
Canyon Ranch Spa, September 2018 - "Featured Speaker", King County Public Libraries, Oregon Public Libraries, Snohomish County Public Libraries, to name but a few.

To schedule an Organizing talk, contact Kate via the contact page.

Kate Gavigan is a Home Organizer, Creativity Instructor and Public Speaker on Organizing and Creativity. Kate's interest in home organizing came directly out of her work as a Creativity Instructor. She found that as she and her clients started to explore their creativity they also found themselves wanting to declutter and organize their spaces. The transformations that came out of both processes, exploring their creativity and organizing, have inspired Kate to support others in their organizing work through offering these Organizing talks.

Baby Steppin' Toward Tidying Up FUN Talk Testimonials

“Enjoyed the pace of your presentation. You took an overwhelming subject and provided a meaningful way to sort through my obstacles and move forward.” Organizing Talk Attendee

“Loved the enthusiasm and group input. Hope to get to work on my goals. Good ideas – obstacles and solutions.” – Darlene, Organizing Talk Attendee

“The concept of ‘baby steps’ or breaking down the job into pieces was helpful.” Organizing Talk Attendee

“I appreciated the information on Attachment and that we are not giving away the love when we give away an item.” – Lyn, Organizing Talk Attendee

“Really good information. Also good input from other participants. I appreciated your very positive reaction/response to everything that was shared.” – Karen, Organizing Talk Attendee

“Thanks for sharing. I took away these things: Taking the baby steps toward the goal. Make it fun. Taking photos of our stuff.” -Organizing Talk Attendee

“Learned about baby steps – how to begin. I like choosing a time to work, and do one thing each day. In a month, you will have 30 things done. Thank you – you did a great job!” - Organizing Talk Attendee

"I'm excited this was a topic on offer at the library - I'm much better at thinking and talking about organizing than achieving my organizational dreams, but I'm in the midst of ramping up for another try, so this was a much needed boost. I intend to refer to my notes and keep myself going." - Jennifer, Organizing Talk Attendee

"Awesome! Great practice advice, concrete examples. Excellent presentation on a worthwhile topic!!! Thank you." - Organizing Talk Attendee

“Learned about baby steps – how to begin. I like choosing a time to work, and do one thing each day. In a month, you will have 30 things done. Thank you – you did a great job!” - Organizing Talk Attendee