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The Creativity Connection with Organizing

Posted on November 7, 2016 at 12:15 PM

As both a home organizer and a creativity instructor, I often see a great deal of overlap between the two worlds.  In my organizing talks, I remind attendees of the power of "organizing baby steps" and to create FUN spaces that are F = Functional, U = Uplifting and N = Nurturing. In Creativity Author and Instructor Julia Cameron's latest book "It's Never Too Late to Begin Again," she shares how "clearing a path" can give us clarity. To quote Julia ...

"Clutter is the enemy of clarity. A few minutes spent decluttering our environment pays off in increased mental acuity. Most meditation practices favor twenty minutes of committed time. I have found 20 minutes of cleanup an effective form of meditation. As we toss out our papers and discard those that are extraneous, we begin to have clarity about our live's priorities. Straightening the piles of excess paperwork leads us to clarity about what really matters."

One of my organizing discoveries is that fabric is big FUN for me. Creating or curating (as I like to call it!) my spaces with a spot for my fabric has inspired me to create more with textiles and brings up a daily smile when I walk by this bounty of color. And yes, I've been known to stand in front of it and stare at like it was a stunning piece of art: "LOOK at that pretty fabric/art!"

My organizing clients report extraordinary gifts that come from our organizing/curating their spaces. They often have what I call the gleeful "OHHHHHHHH moment" where they discover something they love and forgot they had. I see their creativity get reenergized, they report a lightness of spirit and that their spaces are now more life-giving.

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