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                     "Restore Your Space and Increase Your Serenity."

Why Organize?

Kate's Restorations and Organizing Services provides online (nationally) exceptional organizing services. My goal is to restore order and beauty to spaces which allows clients to live more fully and with greater ease so that they can live the life they are called to live.

"I NEED you!" 

Nine times out of ten that's what I hear when I tell people that I am a home organizer.

In the busyness of our daily lives, we are often pulled in numerous directions, working full or part time, caring for children and aging parents, spending time with family and friends all the while trying to carve out some time for ourselves and our interests. 

The time set aside to “organize” is typically not at the top of most folks’ to-do list. This is where a home organizer can be a lifesaver. Whether you have just a little bit of organizing work or self-identify as someone dealing with chronic clutter, I look forward to helping you create spaces that delight you!

The Costs of Not Organizing
I hear from my clients often about the costs of not organizing. They report their precious time is wasted trying to find important documents, identifying the right work outfit to wear or finding that lost ipod that they "could have sworn was on the dining room table!" The costs also show up in the emotional energy expended stressing out about the jam packed garage and attic, or trying to avoid the visual clutter of mounting piles of papers and bulging closets.  The costs for some of us also include the tendency to limit our social interactions because of our hesitancy to invite folks over because “I’ll do it when things are more in order.”

The Benefits to Organizing

The good news is that there are tremendous benefits to organizing! Clients often report feel like a heavy weight has been lifted off their shoulders as we clear out excess clutter and make room for their most treasured items. They are using their spaces more productively and with more joy. Many feel like organizing made room for other interests and passions to appear. They are more inclined to invite friends, family and colleagues to their “new and improved” home and feel a greater sense of serenity residing in their home. As one of my clients said after organizing her house, “I felt like my house sighed in relief.”

To Schedule or More Info

In working with clients, I utilize numerous organizing tools in my work with clients. To read more about how I work with clients in the organizing process and how to schedule an individual organizing session, check out my Organizing Appointments page.  If you're interested in joining the Organizing Classes which give students a chance to get support as they embark on their organizing goals, check out the Organizing Classes page.

WI've been working with clients both online and in-person with great success. Online clients are worked with via Zoom. Any questions on how we utilize Zoom, feel free to send questions via our website.

I offer an initial half-hour phone consultation for free. To schedule, contact me via my contact page.

I look forward to talking with you further about your organizing needs and in helping you make your organizing experience a satisfying, fun and restorative process.

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